curriculum vitae

david honneffer


2017 - present

Senior Developer

Telenor Digital

2017 - 2017

Front-end Developer (Engineer 3)

  • Solo front-end developer for GDPR consent-gathering app - serving 15m+ global users in 2018
  • Balanced a modern front-end app experience with the need to serve users in emerging markets

Oslo University Hospital

2015 - 2016

DevOps Engineer, Lead Web Designer

  • Transitioned the genetics analysis platform to modern DevOps practices, enabling more reliable deployments of critical software (handling patient genetic results).
  • Led and implemented a complete redesign of an in-house Python+Angular app for genetic analysis.

Opera Software

2012 - 2015

Director of Internal IT

  • Responsible for ensuring IT experience is understandable, secure, and efficient for 1600 employees in 29 offices globally.
  • Managed staff of 10-12 employees, both local and remote.
  • Participated in all levels of tasks, including strategy setting, project management, and application development.
2012 - 2012

Documentation Specialist

  • Coordinated with multiple development groups to create and update public documentation for Desktop releases of Opera browser as well as new iterations of the Presto engine.

Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology

2009 - 2011

Senior Teaching Fellow

  • Lectured daily on business (sales, marketing, strategy, project management, speeches, presentations and slide design, entrepreneurship) and computer science (HTML, CSS, web design, Java, Ruby, networking) topics. Created supporting materials including slides, homework, quizzes, tests.
  • Responsible for daily operations and resolution of any issues while administration was out of country. Coordinated with administrators remotely to report on current projects, and classroom activity. Met with local staff to assign tasks, get updates, and discuss any open matters.
  • Mentored teams of post-graduate level students working on software industry business plans. Met with students daily to discuss each phase of product development and key business decisions.
2009 - 2011

Technology Director

  • Designed and implemented complete IT solution for local campus. Solution included wireless networks, networked printer access, and additional provisions for the local environment.
  • Unique challenges included providing fault-tolerance for WAN downtime, power outages, WAN latency and bandwidth issues, and high temperatures.
  • Installed, configured and supported Linux for all in-house servers. Supported functionality included load balancing between connections, firewall, routing, DNS, DHCP, client access-control, file-sharing, and virtual machines for development/education.
  • Responsible for all technology purchasing decisions including additional wireless access points, printers, servers, power backups, and yearly purchase of student laptops.

Earlier experience

2008 - 2009

Tutor, Computer Science

2006 - 2008

Sales Executive

2004 - 2005

Computer Training Coordinator

Summers 2001, 2004, 2005

Lead Instructor

2004 - 2005

Systems Administration Support

1998 - 2002

Helpdesk and Systems Support


University of Oslo

2011 - 2012

M.S. Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The College at Brockport

Graduated 2009

B.S. (cum laude) Computer Science

Purdue University

Graduated 2006

B.S. Management




  • Javascript: daily-use, familiar with modern Javascript, common tools and several frameworks - React, Vue.js
  • HTML / CSS: daily-use, can quickly prototype ideas, as well as create sustainable solutions; knowledgeable on cross-platform as well as accessibility considerations
  • UX / UI: Attended UXLX 2017 conference to expand UX capabilities; high attention to detail with a history of working either directly on design or closely with design team


  • Ruby/Python: comfortable with using for scripting and automation, some backend work in the past

Operations / DevOps


  • Extensive work with Ansible, have developed custom modules and worked with the underlying API
  • Familiar with most modern DevOps practices, experience with AWS as well as deploying/maintaining in-house hardware

Operating Systems

  • Deep knowledge of macOS internals and platform management
  • Very comfortable with Linux and CLIs



  • English: Native
  • Norwegian: Intermediate and working to improve


  • Cooking & local food industry, open source projects, board games, video games. Enjoy experimenting with photography and other personal design projects.